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Is there a company aiming to upend banking, the way Uber has displaced taxis? Taxis in Budapest. Photo: Elkes Andor. Source: Wikipedia Fifteen years ago online retail seemed pretty risky. Who would give their credit card to a web merchant? Now Amazon sells more than Macy’s, Sear’s, and Kohl’s combined. Their revenues have grown more than 20% per year for the past several years. And while many retailers have had their customers’ credit cards hacked, Amazon has [...]

The Gift of Failure

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Many people talk about the successes of the market. But what it really allows is failure. Photo: Dodgerton Skillhause. Source: Morguefile Centuries ago, if you couldn’t pay your bills, you went to debtor’s prison where you rotted until you could get someone to bail you out. In ancient Rome, if you pledged yourself as collateral and couldn’t pay your loan you would become your lender’s slave. Colonial Virginia was settled by thousands of indentured (i.e. indebted) servants [...]

The Facebook Effect

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How Social Networks Have Changed, Are Changing, and Will Change the World Most people have heard about Facebook. The Facebook Effect happens when people exchange information via social media in the digital world so they can do real things in the physical world. David Kirkpatrick’s book — titled “The Facebook Effect” — opens with the story of Oscar Morales, a 33-year old civil engineer from Barranquilla, Columbia, who created a Facebook group in 2008 called “One Million [...]

Sharing Uber Alles?

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What is Uber? Uber is part of the “sharing economy.” It’s an app-based livery service. Folks ask for a ride on their smartphones, and drivers pick them up and drop them off where they ask. Uber drivers are like taxi drivers, except they’re independent. They can their car—or not, however they wish. The price of the ride is set by an algorithm that takes into account how many people want rides, how many drivers are available, and [...]