Mercantilist Mistakes

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What is mercantilism? Spanis seaport by Claude Lorrain. Source: Wikimedia Mercantilism is a national economic policy designed to maximize the accumulation of currency reserves through trade. It promotes government regulation of an economy to augment a nation’s economic power at the expense of rival national powers. When politicians complain about a nation’s trade balance, they’re looking at the world with mercantilist glasses. Mercantilism becomes more popular when a country suffers from repeated shortages. If a country doesn’t [...]

Thanks and Thanksgiving

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What is Thanksgiving for? Photo: Chef Sean Christopher. Source: Wikipedia Oh, I know that millions will be full of turkey and stuffing and potatoes and football, but why do we make a national holiday out of it? Part of it has to do with remembering our national legends, the self-image we have of pioneers carving out a life for themselves in the wilderness. We imagine ourselves having the initiative, ingenuity, and cooperation that enabled the early Pilgrims [...]

Peak Performance

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Why do we choke? Photo: Dodgerton Skillhouse. Source: Morguefile It’s the what every performer dreads. Nothing seems to go right. Your feet feel like lead. Your hands won’t do what you tell them to. You try to focus, but stray thoughts keep breaking in. What’s going on? Any time we learn a new skill—whether it’s how to play a musical instrument or how to golf or how to drive a car—our minds have to focus intently on [...]

Triple Crown Lessons

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Photo: Peter Wright. Image Source: Pixabay Can investors learn anything from the Triple Crown? American Pharoah’s win on Saturday at the Belmont Stakes makes him the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed earned the honor in 1978, and the twelfth in history. He’s also only the fourth Crown winner in over 65 years. It’s a hard to win all three races—the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes. The races are quite different—different track lengths, different [...]

A Sporting Life?

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Image Source: Why do sports seem so corrupt? Yesterday Swiss police arrested six high-level International Soccer Federation officials as part of a global probe. Later, the US Justice Department unsealed a 47-count indictment against 14 defendants, alleging racketeering, wire-fraud, and money-laundering. Justice claims that FIFA executives received bribes in exchange for broadcast rights. The sums involved are huge: over $150 million over 25 years. FIFA oversees international competition among national soccer associations. It doesn’t set the [...]

Only A Game?

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Should major league sports be exempt from anti-trust rules? Source: ESPN Football is a game. A rough, tough, violent game. A game where two teams pummel each other while millions of fans look on. At the end of each contest, one team wins, and one team loses. It seems silly to exempt them from anti-competitive rules.  After all, competition is what the game is all about. […]

Tour des Femmes?

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Can women save the Tour de France? The race covers 2000 miles and takes 23 days, winding along country roads, through city streets, and up tortuous mountain passes. The rider with the lowest aggregate time is the overall winner, although there are team prizes as well. But the world’s premier cycling event is reeling. Between 1995 and 2010 only one winner wasn’t linked to doping, which is affecting its popularity. […]