Market Rules to Remember

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By Mark Ungewitter A few years ago, I participated in a panel discussion at the 50th Annual Contrary Opinion Forum in Vermont. One of my fellow panelists, Walter Deemer of Deemer Technical Research Inc., has been a cornerstone of institutional market strategy since the early 1960’s and is this year’s recipient of the MTA’s prestigious annual award. Walt says he learned almost everything from the legendary Bob Farrell, his mentor at Merrill Lynch. And the essence of [...]

Tips from Trading (Part 3)

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Photo: Kevin Rosseel. Source: Morguefile Hey: got a tip? I’m often asked for investment advice. People are usually looking for something new—an overlooked equity good for a quick buck. But giving out random tips is contrary to my professional principles. Investment advice is like medical or legal advice: specific instructions should be tailored to specific situations. It may be fine for a doctor to say, “Get more exercise,” but it maybe not if the person just had [...]

Tips from Trading (Part 2)

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Image Source: Gratisography What can traders teach investors? Trading and investing are different disciplines. Traders look at short-term price fluctuations; investors focus on long-term total return. Traders might move in and out of a position several times a day, while investors may only occasionally adjust their portfolios. But both are concerned with financial gains and losses, and the frequent feedback that traders get can help investors better understand their own performance. One of the most famous equity [...]