Attention Deficits

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“You just don’t understand.” Photo: Jeremy P Gray. Source: Jeremy P Gray Photogrophy When a spouse or close friend tells you this, pay attention. Chances are there’s something important going on. But when you’re looking at an investment and the seller says this, grab your wallet. Either they’re pulling one over on you, or the investment idea is too complicated for its own good. Over the past decade dozens of companies have maintained that their business was [...]

Getting Personal in the Gig Economy

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Getting Personal in the Gig Economy What is the “gig economy” doing to us? Photo: Elisa Riva. Source: Pixabay More and more people today are independent contractors—about a third of the US economy. Apps like Uber and Airbnb make it even easier to work for yourself. Uber makes it possible for folks with a set of wheels and some extra time to make money on their schedule, when they want to. Airbnb allows people to rent out [...]

Age of Independence

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Diagram of Geopolitical Relationships in the Middle East. Image Source: Karl reMarks The moderated opening of Saudi Arabia’s stock market to foreign investors is a crucial step towards nurturing a diverse and self-sufficient economy. Edith Wharton’s Age of Innocence tells the tale not just of 1870s New York high society but portrays the extent to which our decision to subscribe to the desires others have for us is, in fact, a choice. No one is free from [...]