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What effect does cold weather have on the economy? Low temperature forecast for 1-2-18. Source: Temperatures across the country are bitterly cold. We haven’t seen an extended cold-snap like this for several years. And some sectors of the economy will be hurt: construction spending and retail sales come to mind, while utilities, fuel-oil sales, and auto repairs will do better. The trend away from physical stores towards online shopping should accelerate. No one wants to go [...]

The Missing Asset (Part 2)

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Is this a good time to add real estate to a portfolio? Image: Real estate is a cyclical asset. When times are good, everyone is expanding. They want to be a part of the boom. When times are bad, it’s impossible to even think about positive returns, much less growth. And, of course, your perspective is always affected by your personal experience. While real estate is a global asset class, all real estate is local. Real [...]