Balancing Act

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How often should we rebalance our portfolios? Photo: Alberto 1412. Source: Wikimedia Many people have balanced portfolios. And it’s a good idea to divide our assets between stocks, bonds, real estate, and cash. You never know what’s coming up next. But when one asset grows or shrinks a lot compared with the others, our portfolios can begin to look out of balance. When should we even things up? Rebalancing a portfolio is generally a good move. It [...]

Building For The Future (Part 7)

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Home maintenance isn’t on most people’s list of favorite things to do, but without scheduled upkeep, bad things happen. Hot water tanks rust, roofs leak, painted walls start peeling, and your shiny new home begins to look tired and frayed around the edges. In the same way, an investment portfolio needs to be maintained if it is to continue to meet your needs. […]

Looking for Balance (Part 2)

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How often should you rebalance a portfolio? Rebalancing a portfolio is a good idea, and it takes some time for things to work out. But when should you do it? We know rebalancing is important. It forces us to trim our winning positions and buy segments of the market that haven’t done so well. Buying low and selling high is a good way to add value. […]

Five-Year Olds and Finance

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Can we learn financial lessons from 5-year olds? In 1972 a Stanford psychologist studied self-control in young children. He put a marshmallow in front of each child and told the child that if they could wait 15 minutes, they could have a second one. Of the 600 children in the study, about 200 were able to wait long enough to earn the second […]