Brazil’s Quagmire: Messy Conditions

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The more moving parts you add to a machine, the trickier it gets to keep the machine running, let alone functioning optimally. Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s president, may be reeling from trying to keep the parts in motion (some cracks self-inflicted) but her nation could be at a major transition point, for better or worse. The president’s approval rating has tanked to the mid single digits- it's been less than a year since her reelection. This Sunday, an [...]

Guardians at the Gate

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PROTESTS SPARKED Yeung, Pasa Au. Umbrella Revolution. 2014. Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution, Hong Kong. Flickr. On September 26, just before the start of a major Chinese national holiday, student groups in Hong Kong organized a class boycott and moved to reclaim Civic Square, home of the Legislative Council. As police detained student leaders, a third group, Occupy Central with Love and Peace, called on its supporters to join with the students in the Admiralty District. [...]

Shanghaied Markets?

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What’s happening in Hong Kong?Last month Beijing made it clear that while Hong Kong’s population may be free to vote for their next chief executive, the Chinese government will control who gets to run. This decision has sparked a series of protests in the Hong Kong financial district, bringing tens of thousands to the streets. […]