Brazil’s Quagmire: Messy Conditions

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The more moving parts you add to a machine, the trickier it gets to keep the machine running, let alone functioning optimally. Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s president, may be reeling from trying to keep the parts in motion (some cracks self-inflicted) but her nation could be at a major transition point, for better or worse. The president’s approval rating has tanked to the mid single digits- it's been less than a year since her reelection. This Sunday, an [...]

Fear, Greed, and 100 Year Bonds

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Photo: Victor Hanacek. Image Source: Pikjumbo Is market getting too risky? Market averages are hitting records. Stocks have tripled from their lows of just six years ago. Crazy things seem to be happening: burger chain IPOs are doubling out of the gate, and Brazilian oil-producer Petrobras—of Operation Car Wash infamy—just issued a 100 year bond. Think about that: 100 years ago buggy whips were a steady business, and railroads were high-tech. 100 years from now who knows [...]

A Dirty Job

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What’s down with down under? Image Source: Tar Sands World Petrobras is one of the world’s leading oil companies, it was the heart of the B in BRIC countries. It had the potential to put Brazil into a leadership positon among market participants. But that didn’t happen. Authorities allege that construction companies paid bribes to mid-level Petrobras executives to secure inflated contracts. The executives then kicked back some of those bribes to government officials overseeing the construction. [...]