On The Lookout

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Are we headed for a recession? Photo: Dee Golden. Source: Morguefile The short answer is, nobody knows. Recessions happen with surprising regularity in an advanced economy, but predicting them is challenging. Stocks are down right now, and this has people worried that the economy will turn down and stocks will fall even further. After all, stocks lead profits which lead the economy. So the equity market is a leading indicator, but stocks have predicted 9 of the [...]

Rollover Ahead?

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Is the market rolling over? Source: Volvo Cars, NA “Rollover” was a B-movie from the early ‘80s starring Kris Kristofferson and Jane Fonda. It was about a financing crisis at a bank and a chemical company that spills over into a general panic. It got Kristofferson a Worst Actor award from Razzie. A market rollover is what market participants are worried about right now, with the S&P 500 at the low end of its recent trading range. [...]

Market Rules to Remember

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By Mark Ungewitter A few years ago, I participated in a panel discussion at the 50th Annual Contrary Opinion Forum in Vermont. One of my fellow panelists, Walter Deemer of Deemer Technical Research Inc., has been a cornerstone of institutional market strategy since the early 1960’s and is this year’s recipient of the MTA’s prestigious annual award. Walt says he learned almost everything from the legendary Bob Farrell, his mentor at Merrill Lynch. And the essence of [...]