Winner and (Lesser) Winners

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What is the corporate impact of tax reform? Public Domain. Source: Wikimedia The new tax law is on the books, and most people will be looking at their paychecks to see how the new rates will affect them personally. But the biggest impact of the law will be on corporate taxes. After all, going into 2017 there was a broad consensus that our highest-in-the-world corporate tax rates needed to be reformed, with a lower statutory rate and [...]

The French Connection

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Be careful what you wish for.Tax analysts may get a chance to test out their latest theories. In a recent paper Christina and David Romer studied the effect of changes in tax rates on reported taxable income. They did this on taxpayers in the top 20th of the income distribution—the top .5%–studying the 20 years between 1919 and 1939. This period is interesting because top rates changed a lot.To no one’s surprise they found that as taxes [...]