China Futures

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What’s happening in China? Pudong Skyline. Photo: Pjt56. Source: Wikipedia China is the second largest single economy in the world and over half the size of the US economy. It’s home to some of the largest – and fastest growing – tech companies: Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, and others. And of course, over 1.4 billion people live there, the most populous nation on the planet. They import and export over $3.7 trillion of products every year. China’s growth [...]

Doing Their Homework

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Is China getting a gold star? Photo: Kristine Kisky. Source: Morguefile When I was a little boy, my teachers would sometimes put a gold star on top of my homework. It wasn’t’ a grade, but it meant that I had done a good job. That’s sort of what happened with China and the International Monetary Fund. The IMF decided to include China’s currency in its basket currencies, the SDR. SDRs aren’t a currency, they’re a claim on [...]

Attending to Every Thread

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Adding the Yuan as an IMF reserve currency Chinese stocks have been on a tear this year. Government initiatives in the banking and currency sector indicate a strident ambition to create a healthy and sustainable economy. The domestic Chinese stock market is still the best performing in the world, even with its recent correction. Its rapid rise since last winter and the 40% premium for stocks on the mainland has many bubble-watchers hoisting the warning flags. Still, [...]