The Challenge of Patience

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We live in an impatient world. Photo: Mariordo. Source: Wikipedia After running our phones down to 1%, we plug them in and expect them to be fully charged in a few minutes. We get frustrated when a webpage takes longer than three seconds to load. We would rather use the microwave than wait for the oven to pre-heat. And if you’re going too slow in the left lane – well – we’re probably not friends any more. [...]

You Must Remember This …

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Earnings are still earnings. Dooley Wilson as “Sam” in Casablanca Source: Wikipedia That’s what I thought when I saw the quarterly reports for IBM, Apple, and United Technologies. These companies disappointed the market and their share prices fell dramatically after their earnings announcements. By contrast, Google, and JP Morgan, and Harley Davidson did better than expected. Those stocks traded higher. It doesn’t matter whether management spins the story towards the usual suspects, claiming “it’s a building year” [...]

Rich Dollar/Poor Dollar

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Image Source: Wikipedia Has the rally in the dollar run out of steam? The US Dollar has been on a roll. Over the past year the trade weighted dollar has risen 25 percent. The strong dollar has depressed exports, retail sales, industrial production, corporate earnings, and a host of other factors. The combination of tighter money here and aggressive QE in Europe and Japan have raised the dollar’s value significantly, after three years of little change. Image [...]