Eclipse Economics

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Will the eclipse be an economic boon? Source: NRK News Millions of people are planning to travel to see the coming eclipse. Cities and towns along the route of the 70-mile wide totality are racing to complete their preparations. Casper, Wyoming is building a new town square that will be the center of a week-long “Eclipse Festival.” The State of Wyoming expects its population to double. The “Great American Eclipse” web site has a web app that [...]

Mile High Munchies

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Well, no one saw this coming. Denver skyline Photo: Larry Johnson. Source: Wikipedia There’s a touching scene in Peter Hessler’s book “Country Driving” where a family in a small Chinese village receives a gift from the local Communist Party. It’s a framed skyline of a gleaming foreign city with a digital readout of the temperature, time, and date. The unnamed city was supposed to represent China’s bright future. The city was Denver; the year was 2005. Through [...]

Trade is Hard

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Why is free trade so hard to understand? Source: Moeconomics Blog The idea is simple: when everyone does what they do best, we’re all better off. Like a Mark Zuckerberg giving up coding to run Facebook. He knows how to code, by all reports he’s a good coder. But it wasn’t a productive use of his time. His time was better spent acting as Facebook’s CEO—managing his sector leaders, understanding where the business is moving, working out [...]

Re-Thinking Brexit

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Can uncertainty cause a recession? Source: Econlib Economists are always looking for ways to test their theories. They can’t put economies into test tubes and sprinkle a little stimulus on them—they have to look for natural ways to examine how people react economically to new conditions. So they study businesses right near a state border to see if changing the minimum wage law has much impact, or they use the draft lottery to study the effect of [...]

If You Build It ….

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Is more infrastructure spending the solution to our economic woes? Photo: HuBar. Source: Wikipedia Politicians on both sides of the aisle seem to love infrastructure spending. They get to brag about all the jobs they created. Sometimes they get an airport or a bridge or a highway named after them. And infrastructure spending is supposed to help economy. But does it, really? Consider Japan. In the ‘70s and ‘80s Japan’s economy was booming. We were all “turning [...]

Migration Economics

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What does migration do to an economy? Photo: Villes. Source: Animal Photos There are a lot of folks that are being forced to move right now. The Syrian Civil War has generated over 4 million who have fled their country. In 2014, the UN estimated that almost 60 million people were forcibly displaced from their homes—by war, persecution, or other trouble. Of these, only a fraction sought refuge in the developed world. But that number has been [...]

Is That All There Is?

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What’s happening with the Chinese Yuan? Photo: Dodgerton Skillhause. Source: Morguefile When the People’s Bank of China devalued their currency by 2%, there was an immediate market reaction. Some other Asian currencies quickly followed—the Singapore Dollar, the Malaysian Ringgit. There was discussion of an impending currency war. Stock markets around the world tumbled. One month chart of Asian Currencies: Aussie Dollar (orange); Korean Won (red); Chinese Yuan (blue); Singapore Dollar (green); Malay Ringgit (yellow). Source: Bloomberg  But [...]

A “Boxer” Economy

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Photo: Karl-Heinz Stargardt. Image Source: Pixabay Last quarter’s GDP report was confusing. Compared with a year ago, the economy grew 3%. Compared with the previous quarter, it barely grew at all. Is the economy growing or not? A raft of reports have come out that show some softening in the economy: factory output is slowing; last month’s jobs data ware lackluster, business confidence is down. And quarterly GDP was flat, and will probably be revised down. But [...]

Dollar Rising?

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Where is the dollar going? Last night we had an election. Republicans took control of the Senate and expanded their control of the House. Millions of Americans took to the polls to express their political preferences. But a different election has been taking place—one where anyone, anywhere can vote. And this election happens every day. This occurs in the financial markets—stocks, bonds, and currencies. Voting requires only dollars, not sense. And lately they’ve been expressing confidence in [...]