California Drought

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By Steven Albrecht In the Spring 2014 issue of Understanding Investments Journal I wrote about water as an investment. Included in the article was a reference to the looming water shortage that was closing in on several states within the continental United States of which California was the most imminent of incurring a significant shortage. As situations like this turn out, the shortage has occurred sooner than expected and much sooner than the State had planned. The [...]

A River Runs Through It

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How important is water? Image: Lake Mead before and after the drought. Source: Slate Water is essential for life. When I go camping, one of the most critical factors that goes into selecting a campsite is how far it is from a reliable source of water. When regions experience a drought, their economies suffer. Agriculture, recreation, and power-generation are all affected. A new study seeks to quantify the economic importance of the Colorado River. The river supports [...]