The Very Model of a Tax Deal

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What is tax inversion? A tax inversion happens when a corporation relocates its headquarters from a high-tax country to a low-tax country. The company doesn’t change where it makes and sells its products, just where the head office sits. It’s a way for companies to reduce their tax bill. The practice has gotten into the news lately because some prominent US firms have acquired foreign firms, and one financial incentive has been reducing their taxes through corporate [...]

After The King

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Can Warren Buffett really be succeeded?On Monday Warren Buffett announced that he had found someone to succeed him as Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. He’s just not telling us who it is. Yes, the person knows who he is, and the Board is enthusiastic. But Warren isn’t telling us.Some might say it’s because of the embarrassment of the David Sokol incident last year. […]