Brazil’s Quagmire: Messy Conditions

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The more moving parts you add to a machine, the trickier it gets to keep the machine running, let alone functioning optimally. Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s president, may be reeling from trying to keep the parts in motion (some cracks self-inflicted) but her nation could be at a major transition point, for better or worse. The president’s approval rating has tanked to the mid single digits- it's been less than a year since her reelection. This Sunday, an [...]

A Dirty Job

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What’s down with down under? Image Source: Tar Sands World Petrobras is one of the world’s leading oil companies, it was the heart of the B in BRIC countries. It had the potential to put Brazil into a leadership positon among market participants. But that didn’t happen. Authorities allege that construction companies paid bribes to mid-level Petrobras executives to secure inflated contracts. The executives then kicked back some of those bribes to government officials overseeing the construction. [...]

Rise and Fall?

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Can investors prosper from hope?Yesterday the Journal ran a story about Eike Batista, a Brazilian whose meteoric rise and fall seems to mirror the financial fortune of his home country.  Starting in 2006, he took five startups public in five years, creating a commodities empire from scratch.  His financial backers included the bond firm PIMCO, the mining firm Anglo-American, and the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund.  At one point Mr. Batista’s wealth was calculated as greater than $30 billion, and he was [...]

Brazil update

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Brazil Update Brazil’s finance minister Guido Montega gave a speech in New York recently.  His objective was to encourage foreign investment of capital in Brazil.  In his speech he addressed some of the concerns investors may have: Inflation in Brazil ended 2012 at 5.84%.  At this level inflation is getting close to the top of the central bank’s target range.  (4.5% +/- 2%) However, Montega said that “inflation control is a priority…We will never relax with inflation [...]