The Power of the Edge

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Borders are important. Mobius strip. Photo: David Benbennick. Source: Wikipedia I live in a border town. Hanover, New Hampshire lies directly across the Connecticut River from Vermont. Up and down the river, there’s a lot more development on the New Hampshire side of the Connecticut than on the Vermont side. This didn’t used to be the case. 150 years ago, villages on one side of the border were just as big as the other side. And Vermont [...]

South of the Border

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Borders is going out of business. Why now? It’s reasonable to ask why they’re liquidating right now. Yes, the franchise has operational problems: they were slow to embrace eReaders, and their web site is a joke. But in their official filings, they listed assets of $1.28 billion and liabilities of $1.29 billion. Surely something could have been worked out. […]