Digging Deeper

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Why do commodity prices keep falling? Photo: Pedro Perez. Source: Morguefile The world is awash in oil right now. And it’s the same story for copper, zinc, and a host of other industrial materials. The price of oil is down 60% from its peak last year; a broad-based index is down almost 30%. What’s going on? Part of the answer has to do with the dollar’s status as a reserve currency. The US is doing better than [...]

Considering the Alternatives

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Photo: Dave Meier. Image Source: Picography What is alternative investing? Alternative investing is investing in something other than traditional stocks, bonds, and cash. It can include real-estate, commodities, precious metals, or collectibles, like art and wine. Its appeal is their lack of correlation with the major asset classes. If these assets rise in price but zig when other things zag, they can reduce a portfolio’s risk while still contributing to its return. At least, that’s how it’s [...]

(Un)Seasonal Greetings

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The pessimists may be about to get one right.It looks like the gloom-crew just might score a couple for their team. For the past five months economic data have been stronger than expected. At the end of September it was widely assumed that the US economy was rolling over, that we were headed towards another recession, and that stocks were headed into another bear market.But it turned out to be a bear trap. […]