The Beauty of Simplicity

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Simple rules beat complex algorithms. “Sunrise Over the Eastern Sea” by Fujishima Takeji. Source: Google Cultural Institute There’s something deeply relaxing about great art. It draws us into the artist’s vision, and communicates a world view without tying us up in endless speculations. The greatest works of art seem to accomplish this effortlessly: the Mona Lisa’s inscrutable smile; the Sistine Chapel’s celebration of the classical beauty of our human frame; Monet’s lilies in their reflecting pool. They [...]

Scoring Credit Scores

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Image Source: St. Louis Fed What’s a FICO score? A FICO score is a way for lenders to find out how creditworthy someone is. It was designed by a couple of engineers to measure a consumer’s risk of default. It weighs your payment history, credit capacity, the length of your credit history, and a couple other factors to come up with a score between 350 and 850. Lenders use FICO scores because they measure default risk. When [...]