Investing in Airlines

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They may be romantic,  but are they a good investment? By Steven Albrecht I have been a pilot since I was 17 years old. I passed my first flight exam on my birthday as soon as I was old enough to hold an unrestricted pilots license. Over the years I have owned several aircraft of which my Seneca turbo charged twin was my favorite. I have also traveled a great deal in my career and accumulated many [...]

Should I take a different flight, Delta?

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Expectations for Delta Airlines is very high at the moment trading at more than three times Fair Value. How can this happen? There are several reasons why a stock trades at levels different than the Fair Value. One can be, the Fair Value is either overly optimistic or overly pessimistic; in other words, wrong. Another reason can be, at more than three times Fair Value, expectations in the market are much higher than what earnings have demonstrated; [...]

Something Special in the Air

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You get what you pay for. That’s what I thought when I heard about American Airlines’ bankruptcy filing. AMR Corp was the last of the major airlines to file for bankruptcy. The company will continue, but some of their 78 thousand employees will lose their jobs, and shareholders will almost certainly be wiped out. […]