Even Emperors are Dwarfed by the Environment

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Xuanzong’s Journey to Shu depicts the Tang dynasty Emperor Xuanzong retreating from his capital in Chang’an to Sichuan province during the An Lushan rebellion, ending the golden age of the Tang dynasty’s influence and wealth. The emperor’s train is hard to discern from the rising mountains and is in fact partly hidden as they make their way over hills and around bends. Xuanzong is regarded as responsible for the pinnacle of the dynasty’s power but also responsible [...]

One Fish, Two Fish: Decoding the Chinese Stock Market

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A-Shares, B-Shares, Red Chips, P-Chips. Dr. Seuss would have a field day with the many types of Chinese shares. An A-Share, P-Chip and H-Share sit side by side. Every stock market is organized around some taxonomical classification. Most, as in the United States, are defined by company size as determined by its market capitalization (total market value of a company’s shares outstanding). We tend to think about the US stock market in four major categories: [...]