Narendra Modi: India’s Economic Saviour?

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By Devin Cowette Could India become the new China? This past spring all eyes were on India as newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi stepped into office as the 15th Prime Minister. Before his victory, Narendra Modi served as the Chief Minister of Gujarat as well as the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). For the Western world this would equate to the Republican Party. While he held office as the Chief Minister of Gujarat they [...]

Am I really ready to retire?

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By Diane DeStefano When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is ~Oscar Wilde With pension plans becoming more and more rare, I find that I’m meeting with individuals and couples who, while working hard to pay their regular monthly expenses, helping to put their kids through college, and assisting financially with supporting elderly parents, fall short on saving for their [...]

Protecting Your Assets

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The Importance of Title Insurance By Joshua Brecheen Land, Real Estate, and our Home’s are usually the biggest investment any of us will ever make. When you purchase a home, you may be required to contract many kinds of insurance coverage to protect your home or personal property. Sometimes this is flood insurance, which is to insure against massive property damage due to flooding. Most often homeowner’s insurance is required as well, this protects against house-fires, break-ins, [...]


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Parent gatherings always lead to the topic of the season: sports, education, holidays, vacation. As spring blossoms turn into summer heatwaves, we begin to think about summer employment for our children. There are a number of companies that will allow your child to apply when they turn 14. When we choose to encourage our children to apply may vary by household but opportunities are out there! I am of the camp that a small part-time position helps [...]

General Electric (GE)

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Company Name:   General Electric  Ticker Symbol:  GE Market Sector:  Industrials A Boring stock may no longer be so boring after all…… I first wrote about this boring stock back in 2013 and it may have taken a few years to come to fruition….. but now, this stock has finally made a move and is showing new life. General Electric (GE) has been restructuring to move out of the finance business (GE Capital) and focus more on [...]

Do financial crashes have anything in common?

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Before 2001, when the words "financial crash" were mentioned, most investors would think of 1929, The Great Depression. Few think of 1987, 1907, or 1825. Now, thoughts of 2008 are more in the forefront of people’s memories. In each case, investors thought this time was different. After it was over, they turned to governments to take steps to prevent the next great crash. I have been looking at the events that took place prior to each of these crashes [...]

Are Lower Oil Prices Good for Everyone?

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January 2015 sure started off with many mood swings. Thank you low oil prices. In December oil prices were still heading down but did not bottom out until January. Lower oil prices have a negative impact on corporate profits mainly in the energy and multinational companies. This triggers the U.S. dollar to strengthen which makes the U.S. products more expensive and less favorable to foreigners. The chart below shows the divergence between U.S. Dollar Index (yellow line) [...]

Are Energy Stocks Undervalued

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Energy stocks have tumbled along with crude oil. But have they reached the bargain basement? This depends on one’s outlook for the price of crude. The performance of energy stocks relative to the broad market is well correlated with the underlying commodity. The charts below illustrate the historic relationship since 1984, a period with many ups and downs. We note that today’s investors have done a reasonable job of discounting the pair. The energy sector seems fairly [...]

Behind the Scenes on Corporate Earnings

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The media discusses several topics and one frequently mentioned is the earnings report or earnings season. We hear Company XYZ beat their earnings or Company ABC missed their earnings. These are corporate earnings which simply indicate how much a company has made or lost during a specific period. Earning season begins a few weeks after the last month of each quarter and are important in determining whether the company has sustainable growth and reasonable outlook for the long [...]

Global Investing

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Are Foreign Stocks Attractive? Non-US Stocks have underperformed US stocks by a whopping 40% over the past five years. While technical conditions continue to favor the US, extreme valuation divergences suggest the possibility of a sea change. Investors should pay close attention to factors that might signal a trend reversal in favor of non-US markets. One of today’s most glaring inter-market divergences is the relative performance of US versus non-US equities.  For dollar-based investors, non-US stocks have underperformed [...]