Getting Back to Basics – Budgeting 101

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  Why does it feel like “budget” is a four-letter word? A budget simply shows you your inflows and outflows over a defined period. Having this knowledge will allow you to make financial planning decisions that will affect you out into retirement. The most important thing when thinking about formulating and committing to a budget is to keep it SIMPLE. Don’t force yourself to learn Microsoft Excel in order to track expenses (unless you want to), paper [...]


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Menu Selections   American Funds New World Fund A American stalks blended with a few international stalks to give you a taste of the world Fidelity Contrafund Holdings in 90% large size peppers with the majority locally sourced in the US PIMCO All Asset All Authority Fund Actively allocated across all slices of the market American Century Legacy Multi Cap Fund Invests in tomatoes of all sizes that have a track record of [...]

Investing in Airlines

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They may be romantic,  but are they a good investment? By Steven Albrecht I have been a pilot since I was 17 years old. I passed my first flight exam on my birthday as soon as I was old enough to hold an unrestricted pilots license. Over the years I have owned several aircraft of which my Seneca turbo charged twin was my favorite. I have also traveled a great deal in my career and accumulated many [...]

How did we come to be?

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Toward a Better Understanding of Emerging Markets By Veronica Peterson The conventional account of the current financial industry’s concern with what are referred to as the Emerging Markets begins in the Cold War at the World Bank Group. The World Bank was founded after the Second World War as an umbrella organization to "end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity" by making leveraged loans to countries ravaged by war and to countries whose poverty could be attributed [...]

Retail Therapy

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By Karen Crump What's your favorite past time? Mine is shopping... I enjoy shopping for special occasions - birthdays, holidays, household decorations and of course shopping for new clothes. Shopping also known as "therapy" makes us feel good and that can explain why consumer spending makes up 2/3 of GDP (gross domestic product). Well, no, that is not really the explanation but we the consumers do like to spend money. So, when I hear the headline news [...]

Understanding Investments Journal – Summer 2015

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The Summer 2015 edition of the Understanding Investments Journal is now available. If you would like a printed version sent to you in the mail, please send an email to To view the full version in PDF format, click the link below. Enjoy !         Click Here  

California Drought

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By Steven Albrecht In the Spring 2014 issue of Understanding Investments Journal I wrote about water as an investment. Included in the article was a reference to the looming water shortage that was closing in on several states within the continental United States of which California was the most imminent of incurring a significant shortage. As situations like this turn out, the shortage has occurred sooner than expected and much sooner than the State had planned. The [...]