The July 2013 Money Basics Considerations List

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The Money Basics "Considerations List" is a carefully crafted list of up to 500 publicly traded stocks. The list is updated daily to reflect the change in economic value of the stock. A percentage of fair value is calculated and stocks are color coded green to "Consider Buy", Yellow "Consider Trim", Red "Consider Sell" and white as fairly valued "Hold". This list is a good starting point for the reader to do his or her research. A [...]

Updated Considerations Report Posted

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The Consideration report has been update and posted to the Money Basics Radio Site. The Considerations Report is a weekly report published by Money Basics Radio.  The report is written by Steven Albrecht and intended to give the individual investor ideas for consideration in Managing Investments. Click the link below to read the complete report. Considerations Report 2013_March_7

Have you ever wondered why a stock will go down when it reports that earnings were up 5%?

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Your first reaction might be, why does this happen? What is wrong with everyone? The company reported better profits than previously so why did the price drop? The answer is, expectations of opportunity. The majority of investors believed that the company would do better than 5%. When it comes to stocks, investors are forward looking and build on expectations for the future. If investors believe the economy and profits are going to better than they are today, [...]

Dividends & Growth

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Dividends are a form of profit from a company’s earnings that get distributed to the shareholder as a cash payout. During the glory days, receiving a 1–2% dividend was not as important when you could capture the growth stocks high returns.  An example in today’s market is “Apple”; they are a double digit growth stock paying nothing out in dividends to shareholders.  But, the glory days of most double digit returns in the stock market are being [...]