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Puerto Rico Bonds

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When most people think of Puerto Rico, they think of sun, sand, rum and tropical vacations. But in the finance world, when we think of Puerto Rico, words like “economic woes” and “bond downgrades” come to mind. But if I’m not planning a trip to this tropical island, why should I care about its economic woes? The answer may surprise you – 70% of municipal bond mutual funds own debt from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Yes, [...]

Municipal Bankruptcies

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“Is the town I live in going to go bankrupt?” Normally this isn’t something that comes up in every-day conversation, but with a rash of municipal bankruptcies recently, it may be something that crosses our mind now.  The list of cities and/or counties that have filed for bankruptcy or look to be on the brink of doing so continues to grow every week:  Jefferson County AL, Central Falls RI, Harrisburg PA, Stockton CA, Detroit MI.  The media [...]