About Veronica Peterson

Veronica Peterson is an Investment Officer of Charter Trust Company. She joined the firm in 2014 and is based in our Concord, NH office. Ms. Peterson received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Vassar College with honors in anthropology and Chinese. She has studied abroad in China and Ireland and is also a member of Sigma Xi, the scientific research society, and the Society for American Archaeology (SAA). She has been published in the International Journal of Osteoarchaeology and presented research results at SAA, American Chemical Society – Hudson Valley, and Northeast American Anthropology Association annual meetings. Ms. Peterson has also served as editor of Helicon, the Vassar College literary magazine.

Age of Independence

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Diagram of Geopolitical Relationships in the Middle East. Image Source: Karl reMarks The moderated opening of Saudi Arabia’s stock market to foreign investors is a crucial step towards nurturing a diverse and self-sufficient economy. Edith Wharton’s Age of Innocence tells the tale not just of 1870s New York high society but portrays the extent to which our decision to subscribe to the desires others have for us is, in fact, a choice. No one is free from [...]

Toward a Better Understanding of Emerging Markets

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How Did We Come to Be? The conventional account of the current financial industry’s concern with what are referred to as the Emerging Markets begins in the Cold War at the World Bank Group. The World Bank was founded after the Second World War as an umbrella organization to “end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity” by making leveraged loans to countries ravaged by war and to countries whose poverty could be attributed to other reasons (usually [...]

Guardians at the Gate

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PROTESTS SPARKED Yeung, Pasa Au. Umbrella Revolution. 2014. Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution, Hong Kong. Flickr. On September 26, just before the start of a major Chinese national holiday, student groups in Hong Kong organized a class boycott and moved to reclaim Civic Square, home of the Legislative Council. As police detained student leaders, a third group, Occupy Central with Love and Peace, called on its supporters to join with the students in the Admiralty District. [...]