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Top 25 Performing Stocks Year-To-Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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Significant Changes Since Last Week:

Advanced Micro Devices lost the #1 spot this week being replaced by The RMR Group. RMR is a real estate stock that has posted a 168% return so far since January. The stock is on the SELL Watch list at 155%FV.  Several stocks swapped single positions such as CONSOL Energy at #7 traded the #8 position with Royal Gold.  The largest move was with Southwestern Energy moving up 5 spots from #23 to #18. This is an Energy stock at 95%FV and considered a HOLD. It is part of the Largecap capitalization group with a 97% return year-to-date.  The other big mover was Healthways, a Health Care Equipment and Services stock. It advanced 3 spots to #17 from #20. It is considered a Smallcap stock and a SELL at 164% FV.

All of the Top 25 names remained the same this week with no one leaving the group and no new members.  Therefore, there were no changes in the descriptive statistics.

Bottom 25 Performing Stocks Year-To-Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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Significant Changes Since Last Week:

The Bottom 25 did have one membership change this week. Hornbeck Offshore Services an Energy company arrived at #25 posting a decline reaching (41%) and a valuation of 34%FV. It is a Smallcap stock that replaced Hanger One. Most all of the position changes were slight such as the scramble between positions 10,11 and 12 with Interpid Potash, Tidewater and Bristow Group. The only other significant change was Virtusa Corporation moving from #14 to #20 which is the direction you want to take on the Bottom 25 list. The company has improved overall with a loss that is almost 3 percentage points better than last week at (45%) for the year. This is also true of the group where the #1 stock loss was (93.5%) and this has improved to a loss of (93.1%). Not a big change but it is in the right direction.

With Hornbeck’s arrival the Smallcap percentage of membership increased from 64% to 68% and Energy increased from 32% to 36%.

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Steven Albrecht was President and Chief Executive Officer of Charter Trust Company from 2001 to 2016.

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