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The Emotional Investor

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By Douglas Tengdin, CFA How do you feel about investing? On one level, that’s a foolish question. Investments aren’t supposed to be objects of affection. It’s one of the most basic errors to fall in love with a stock. You should never love something that doesn’t love you back. It keeps you from selling when you should; it makes you focus on just one small part of a much larger financial picture; it’s like obsessing on the [...]

The Investment Odyssey

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Image Source: British Museum Investors face all kinds of temptations. There’s a passage in Book 12 of Homer’s Odyssey that describes the Sirens—beautiful creatures with the faces of girls and the bodies of birds. Their magical song promises knowledge, but it actually lures sailors to their deaths upon the reef surrounding their island. “There is no homecoming for the man who comes upon them unawares,” Odysseus is warned. Before he sails past, Odysseus stops up his crew’s ears [...]

Building For The Future (Part 6)

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Finishing out your home is a big part of the building process. Setting up electrical outlets, plumbing, heating, flooring and other details will, in many ways, determine how enjoyable it is to live there. Your structure may be sound; your plans perfect; your layout exactly suited to your needs; but if there aren’t enough outlets in the kitchen, or the cable connections are in the wrong place, you’re not going to be happy. […]