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Steven Albrecht and Cynthia Wentworth take on a new, interesting, and timely financial issue every week, and help make sense of potentially misunderstood investment jargon.

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Global Market Update

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  • 29 August 2014

    So far the markets have shrugged off Russia’s aggressive actions towards Ukraine and the Crimea. Will this continue?

    Russia’s expansion in Crimea and eastern Ukraine haven’t affected US markets much, although the German stock market fell over 10% in July. But Ukraine is small, economically, with an economy slightly bigger than Alabama’s. Their principal exports are iron ore and steel. This crisis has set other factors in motion, though.

    Sweden and Finland have recently tightened their ties to NATO—a natural consequence of their connection to the European Union. At present, Sweden has no rules governing how this might happen; they haven’t been part of any alliance since the Napoleonic Wars. And Finland used to be part of the Russian Empire. Helsinki is only a five-hour drive from St. Petersburg. Ominously, Finland recently reported Russian military aircraft violated its airspace three times in the past week. more



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